Conference Agenda

⏱️ 6.30 AM (PDT)  1.30 PM (UTC)
⏳ 15 minutes

Kick off

⏱️ 6.47 AM (PDT)   1.47 PM (UTC)
⏳ 36 minutes

Deep dive into Streams - Katarina Sherement

Asynchronous programming is an important aspect of software development nowadays. Asynchronous programming in Dart can be implemented using Stream. This talk is going to cover types and the principles of using Stream, operations, and how to process them. You’ll also learn how you can test Streams.

⏱️ 7.24 AM (PDT)  2.24 PM (UTC
⏳ 14 minutes

Adobe XD for Flutter developers - Anagha Sivadas

Flutter is already an amazing framework that reduces issues of developing cross-platform apps. How cool would it be to have a tool that reduce the time of going from pretty sketches in design applications to Flutter awesomeness in code editors? Well, Adobe’s XD to Flutter plugin is that tool! This session provides an introduction to using this magical tool.

⏱️ 7.41 AM (PDT)  2.41 PM (UTC)
⏳ 12 minutes

Flutteristas in India

⏱️ 7.54 AM (PDT)  2.54 PM (UTC)
⏳ 19 minutes

A DIY thermometer with Flutter and Arduino - Juna Salviati

In this talk we will discover how to establish a BLE communication between a Flutter mobile application and an Arduino board. We will receive real time updates from the board and display them in the application interface. Additionally, we will discover how to the debug this kind of applications.

⏱️ 8.14 AM (PDT)  3.14 PM (UTC)
⏳ 36 minutes


“Do you test your code?” If you are someone who shies away from this question, you are not a bad developer. You are just someone who hasn’t given testing the attention it needs.

This talk won’t be about how amazing testing is, or how many categories of testing is provided by the Flutter framework. Instead, the focus is just on Widget Testing, because it’s special to Flutter. We won’t just cover basics of widget testing, but go into even deeper concepts of widget testing for :

– Visibility of widgets

– Scrolling of widgets,

– Future or stream based widgets And many more!

⏱️ 8.52 AM (PDT)  3.52 PM (UTC)
⏳ 10 minutes

How Flutter become a turning point in my life (from zero to Hero) - Radhika Goswami

Radhika will share how she, as a 16-year-old girl, quickly learned Flutter and decided to shift from web development to choosing Flutter. She will also share her insights and take on what it takes to fast-track your Flutter development. This will definitely encourage teenagers & girls/women to learn Flutter and be confident.

⏱️ 9.03 AM (PDT)  4.03 PM (UTC)
⏳ 10 minutes

Flutter Challenge quiz

⏱️ 9.14 AM (PDT)  4.14 PM (UTC)
⏳ 30 minutes

Live Q&A with Flutter PMs Tim Sneath, Mariam Hasnany and Zoey Fan

⏱️ 9.44 AM (PDT)  4.44 PM (UTC)
⏳ 3 minutes

Fun - Let's see all Flutteristas on the Map!

⏱️ 9.47 AM (PDT)  4.47 PM (UTC)
⏳ 20 minutes

Live Q&A with Eric Seidel of Flutter team

⏱️ 10.13 AM (PDT)  5.13 PM (UTC)
⏳ 1 minutes

Check-in on Flutterista Conference Map

⏱️ 10.15 AM (PDT)  5.15 PM (UTC)
⏳ 20 minutes

Flutter - How Open Source changed my life - Kamal Shree

I’ll walk through my journey from developer to Open-source contributor. Next, I will go through what makes an open-source project successful and the evolution of contribution and community processes. I will discuss why open source is important for community building, as well as ways to contribute to open-source communities. I’ll close with some ideas and suggestions, for both maintainers and contributors, with the hope that these suggestions will help improve the quality and quantity of contributions and overall developer experience.

⏱️ 10.35 AM (PDT)  5.35 PM (UTC)
⏳ 5 minutes

Chat with Kathy Walrath and Shams Zakhour of Flutter team

⏱️ 10.40 AM (PDT)  5.40 PM (UTC)
⏳ 18 minutes

Prevailing over hurdles! - Aakanksha Shivani

Gaining practical knowledge alongside academics was not that straight-forward. In India, most parents are quite traditional when it comes to sending their daughters to university in another city. When Aakanksha joined college, she saw most of the students living a relish life by partying most of the time. She chose to be on the different side of it and joined a tech community where she learned new things each day.

She worked on projects, collaborating with designers and other developers to ship the projects to the end-user. This helped her to expand her horizons beyond academics. In the same way, communities had helped her shape her career, she now helps her colleagues to grow as better developers.

⏱️ 10.59 AM (PDT)  5.59 PM (UTC)
⏳ 5 minutes

ROI Training Raffle for Google Cloud Certification

⏱️ 11.04 AM (PDT)  6.04 PM (UTC)
⏳ 10 minutes

Flutterista technical and trivia quiz

⏱️ 11.16 AM (PDT)  6.16 PM (UTC)
⏳ 14 minutes

Animations with Flutter - Khushbu Thakker

Today we cannot imagine anything without animations. 🤔 Users are often more attracted when they see any effects when they interact with app. When you tap a Button there is an animation. When you tap on heart ❤️ in Twitter or Facebook, you can see the animation.

Animations are everywhere😍

⏱️ 11.31 AM (PDT)  6.31 PM (UTC)
⏳ 25 minutes

From zero programming knowledge to software engineer in 2 years - Mahtab Tadayon

Mahtab would like to tell her story about how she became a Software Engineer without any programming background in two years. She completed master study in Industrial Engineering. After working three years in sales at one of the biggest manufacturers of flexible products in Germany, she decided to change her career path and learn about software development.

⏱️ 11.56 AM (PDT)  6.56 PM (UTC)
⏳ 5 minutes


⏱️ 12.02 PM (PDT)  7.02 PM (UTC)
⏳ 5 minutes

Kick off Part 3

⏱️ 12.10 PM (PDT)  7.10 PM (UTC)
⏳ 33 minutes

Code less, deliver more - Anna Domashych

Lots of everyday programmer tasks consist of creating boilerplate code. It’s not only boring, time-consuming, and error-prone, but it also requires efforts to maintain it later. With code generation, you can create only the essential code and leave all the routine to the computer.

We’ll see how code generation works in Flutter and what general tasks it can facilitate in mobile apps development.

⏱️ 12.43 PM (PDT)  7.43 PM (UTC)
⏳ 2 minutes

Check-in on the Flutteristas Conference Map

⏱️ 12.45 PM (PDT)  7.45 PM (UTC)
⏳ 21 minutes

Scroll your widgets efficiently - Dhruva Shastri

List is the most used component in the majority of the apps. Making the list smoothly scrollable is important to provide the better user experience. In this talk, we will take a sneak peek into List and Grid and then delve into Slivers. We will understand what sliver is and its working through code snippets and an app demo. Lastly, we will look at the best practices to scroll efficiently and make the app run smooth.

Note: This will be a normal talk and no live coding will be included.

⏱️ 1.07 PM (PDT)  8.07 PM (UTC)
⏳ 10 minutes

Conference organizers panel

⏱️ 1.18 PM (PDT)  8.18 PM (UTC)
⏳ 12 minutes

Flutter & Rive: Beyond design - Merve Arslan

We will walk through what Rive is, how you can create animations with Rive and use it on your Flutter apps.

⏱️ 1.32 PM (PDT)  8.32 PM (UTC)
⏳ 28 minutes

Rule all screens 🔥 - Nawal Alhamwi & Rihanna Kedir

How do you define a beautiful cross-platform application? Let’s say, one day, you developed a Flutter app and you’re ready to show it. On your mobile device, the app has a very beautiful UI, with a perfect functionality. Then you decided to show it your work colleague who has a mobile device slightly larger that yours. What scenario do you imagine has happened? The app runs perfectly fine on the both devices since it’s built with Flutter 😉, however, there’s something about the UI. It’s no longer beautiful 😞. You compile the web versions too and then you try to open it as desktop app. Things got even worse!! What has happened? Why did it happen? Is there a solution for this? Join us to get to know more about responsive & adaptable design in Flutter!!

⏱️ 2.00 PM (PDT)  9.00 PM (UTC)
⏳ 3 minutes

Raffle for O'reilly books

⏱️ 2.05 PM (PDT)  9.05 PM (UTC)
⏳ 11 minutes

Introducing an Alternative Internet - Barbara Tallent

In 2020 there were many companies working hard in the background to provide alternative models that are not reliant on surveillance or using your data as its product. In 2021, we should see a whole new alternative Internet emerging, including alternative search, browsers, email, chat, productivity, payments, and adtech.

By 2025 we will look back and laugh at 2020 and wonder how we let companies own our digital selves for as long as we did.

⏱️ 2.17 PM (PDT)  9.17 PM (UTC)
⏳ 10 minutes


⏱️ 2.32 PM (PDT)  9.32 PM (UTC)
⏳ 5 minutes

Flutter Community resources

⏱️ 2.37 PM (PDT)  9.37 PM (UTC)
⏳ 29 minutes

Geometric generative art in Flutter - Sarah Fullmer

Come explore ways to create beautiful 2D generative art on the Flutter Canvas! In this talk, I will walk through some of the common tools and techniques you can use to generate art in Flutter with CustomPainter. Using these tools, we create some increasingly complex and interesting pieces. By the end of the talk, you will be equipped to go create some generative art in Flutter yourself.

⏱️ 3.07 PM (PDT)  10.07 PM (UTC)
⏳ 19 minutes

Unfolding web app with Flutter 2 - Renuka Kelkar

We will walk through the creation of a Flutter Web App with Flutter 2.0. I will go over different steps, layouts, and packages available to create a Responsive Flutter Web App.

⏱️ 3.26 PM (PDT)  10.26 PM (UTC)
⏳ 12 minutes

Interview with Jenn Magder from Flutter team

⏱️ 3.41 PM (PDT)  10.41 PM (UTC)
⏳ 27 minutes

How to build Flutter with BDD - Teresa Wu

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an Agile process that encourages collaboration between tech and non-tech people. In this talk, I am going to discuss in detail how to implement Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) in a Flutter project. We will go through this step by step, from the “three amigo” discovering to example mappings, then turn them into user acceptance tests in Flutter, the full cycle of BDD and TDD in one session.

⏱️ 4.09 PM (PDT)  11.09 PM (UTC)
⏳ 25 minutes

Boring Flutter development - Mais Alheraki

New packages come out daily, new language features, and a lot of fancy ways to do stuff. But in the real world, things could get a bit tough, or even sometimes boring. Let’s talk about some tips and wisdom from real developers, that will save you a lot of problems in the future.

⏱️ 4.34 PM (PDT)  11.34 PM (UTC)
⏳ 5 minutes

Check-in on Flutteristas Conference Map

⏱️ 4.39 PM (PDT)  11.39 PM (UTC)
⏳ 10 minutes

Announce contest winners

⏱️ 4.49 PM (PDT)  11.49 PM (UTC)
⏳ 5 minutes

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