Aakanksha Shivani

From being at the far end of the tech world to becoming its integral part with flutter as my toolkit.

Prevailing over hurdles!

Gaining practical knowledge alongside academics was not that straight-forward. In India, most parents are quite traditional when it comes to sending their daughters to university in another city. When Aakanksha joined college, she saw most of the students living a relish life by partying most of the time. She chose to be on the different side of it and joined a tech community where she learned new things each day.

She worked on projects, collaborating with designers and other developers to ship the projects to the end-user. This helped her to expand her horizons beyond academics. In the same way, communities had helped her shape her career, she now helps her colleagues to grow as better developers.


Namaste! Aakanksha has been working with Flutter for nearly two years. She is a core team member of DSC KIET. Her development journey began with a startup where the idea was an app for college students to book meals in mess and restaurants. She believes the best way to learn is to teach. So in Jan ’20, she and her team conducted a 6-day Flutter Bootcamp at their college. She taught the students how to build Flutter apps. Aakanksha has a continual source of motivation from the people around her who push her to do her best. She challenges herself daily to learn new skills.