Anna Domashych

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Code less, deliver more

Lots of everyday programmer tasks consist of creating boilerplate code. It’s not only boring, time-consuming, and error-prone, but it also requires efforts to maintain it later. With code generation, you can create only the essential code and leave all the routine to the computer.

We’ll see how code generation works in Flutter and what general tasks it can facilitate in mobile apps development.


Anna is an experienced mobile apps developer, passionate about Flutter and quality software. For 7 years she has been creating cross-platform apps using Xamarin and Flutter technologies from sketches on a napkin to delivering functional and beautiful products to happy end-users. She also has an interest in mobile apps design.

Currently, Anna is a part of Team Go, Inc. that builds the first social app focused on getting people offline, out of their bubbles, and back together in the real world for better days together.