Barbara Tallent

It is time for an alternative to "people as the product"

Introducing the Alternative Internet

In 2020 there were many companies working hard in the background to provide alternative models that are not reliant on surveillance or using your data as its product. In 2021, we should see a whole new alternative Internet emerging, including alternative search, browsers, email, chat, productivity, payments, and adtech.

By 2025 we will look back and laugh at 2020 and wonder how we let companies own our digital selves for as long as we did.


With over 20 years of technical and marketing roles, my leadership experience includes being the GM of the Z-Mail division of Network Computing Devices (which I sold to Netmanage), the CEO of Boldfish (enterprise email marketing software that I sold to Siebel Systems), and Co-Founder of LiveBinders (an educational software company with over 1M registered users).

I am one of the co-founders of The @ Company because I want to build a wildly successful tech company that respects people and their privacy.