Dhruva Shastri

Let's understand sliver List & Grid to scroll widgets efficiently & provide seamless user experience.

Scroll your widgets efficiently

List is the most used component in the majority of the apps. Making the list smoothly scrollable is important to provide the better user experience. In this talk, we will take a sneak peek into List and Grid and then delve into Slivers. We will understand what sliver is and its working through code snippets and an app demo. Lastly, we will look at the best practices to scroll efficiently and make the app run smooth.

Note: This will be a normal talk and no live coding will be included.


Dhruva works as a Spin Doctor at ‘3 Sided Coin’ to establish branding and corporate relations. Her interest as an inquisitive #WomenInTech is to learn new every day, so she is continually looking for areas that interest her to work on. Currently, she is exploring Flutter development with an inclination toward UX design in her leisure time. Dhruva is passionate about being a WTM Ahmedabad Ambassador. She is also a gold facilitator for the #IamRemarkable initiative and an enthusiast about emboldening underrepresented people in every sphere of their life and enjoys people’s synergy.