Katarina Sheremet

Learn about Streams! This talk covers types of Stream, operations and how to process them, testing

Deep dive into Streams

Asynchronous programming is an important aspect of software development nowadays. Asynchronous programming in Dart can be implemented using Stream. This talk is going to cover types and the principles of using Stream, operations, and how to process them. You’ll also learn how you can test Streams.


Katarina is a Google Developer Expert in Flutter and Dart, WTM Switzerland co-organizer, and Flutter Zürich Meetup co-organizer. She runs her own company that is called FutureWare. Katarina consults companies and Start-Ups about Flutter development, architecture, testing, and more. She also works on her own projects. One of the projects is Delern Flashcards. It is a mobile app that helps to learn anything, which is published on Google Play and App Store and has more than 3000 installs. She also organizes events about technologies, gives talks, and writes articles about Flutter and Dart.