Khushbu Thakker

Animations are everywhere😍

Animate With Flutter

Today we cannot imagine anything without animations. 🤔 Users are often more attracted when they see any effects when they interact with app. When you tap a Button there is an animation. When you tap on heart ❤️ in Twitter or Facebook, you can see the animation.

Animations are everywhere😍


For the past 4+ years, Khushbu has been full-time Application Developer at Hyperlink InfoSystem. She is an experienced Android developer, working with Flutter for more than 1 year, and is a tech enthusiast and excited to learn new technology. Khushbu is actively involved in communities such as GDG Ahmadabad and Flutter Ahmadabad. Recently, she has started mentoring at Clique-Interest ship 1.0, 2.0 event, and QikPik hackthon. She has presented about Flutter at Women Techmakers, Ahmadabad and Flutter Ahmadabad.