Nawal Alhamwi

Your app will be running on the Mobile, Web, & Desktop platforms & you’re not sure how responsive & adaptive your UI will be?

Rule All Screens 🔥

co-speaker Rihanna Kedir

How do you define a beautiful cross-platform application? Let’s say, one day, you developed a Flutter app and you’re ready to show it. On your mobile device, the app has a very beautiful UI, with a perfect functionality. Then you decided to show it your work colleague who has a mobile device slightly larger that yours. What scenario do you imagine has happened? The app runs perfectly fine on the both devices since it’s built with Flutter 😉, however, there’s something about the UI. It’s no longer beautiful 😞. You compile the web versions too and then you try to open it as desktop app. Things got even worse!! What has happened? Why did it happen? Is there a solution for this? Join us to get to know more about responsive & adaptable design in Flutter!!


Nawal is a Flutter developer by day 🌞 & by night 🌚. She enjoys testing & designing software products. She’s a Women Techmakers Ambassador, Organizer in GDG & WTM Jeddah, & a writer @ the Flutter Community.