Pooja Bhaumik

Testing is important, it’s as important as tasting food before you serve it to the customers

Widget Testing for Dummies

“Do you test your code?” If you are someone who shies away from this question, you are not a bad developer. You are just someone who hasn’t given testing the attention it needs.

This talk won’t be about how amazing testing is, or how many categories of testing is provided by the Flutter framework. Instead, the focus is just on Widget Testing, because it’s special to Flutter. We won’t just cover basics of widget testing, but go into even deeper concepts of widget testing for :

– Visibility of widgets

– Scrolling of widgets,

– Future or stream based widgets And many more!


Pooja Bhaumik, an early Flutter adopter turned into Google Developer Expert for Flutter, who loves to share her knowledge through blog posts, public speaking, Youtube videos, and open source contributions. She is also passionate about diversity & inclusion and has started a couple of communities. Her recent current community focus is WomenDroid in Bengaluru, to support personal & professional growth objectives for women developers.