Rihanna Kedir

Your app will be running on the Mobile, Web, & Desktop platforms & you’re not sure how responsive & adaptive your UI will be?

Rule All Screens 🔥

co-speaker Nawal Alhamwi

How do you define a beautiful cross-platform application? Let’s say, one day, you developed a Flutter app and you’re ready to show it. On your mobile device, the app has a very beautiful UI, with a perfect functionality. Then you decided to show it your work colleague who has a mobile device slightly larger that yours. What scenario do you imagine has happened? The app runs perfectly fine on the both devices since it’s built with Flutter 😉, however, there’s something about the UI. It’s no longer beautiful 😞. You compile the web versions too and then you try to open it as desktop app. Things got even worse!! What has happened? Why did it happen? Is there a solution for this? Join us to get to know more about responsive & adaptable design in Flutter!!


Rihanna is a passionate software engineer, maker, and new tech enthusiast. She is Google Developer Expert in web technologies, Flutter and Dart, Women Techmakers Ambassador, GDG Rome organizer. She strongly believes in the importance of sharing knowledge and experience. That is why she uses her spare time to volunteer as a mentor and speaker in various communities and events