Teresa Wu

3️⃣ things can be 👀 forever: 🔥, ⛲️, and someone doing your job. Join to 👀 code generation in action.

Build Flutter with BDD

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is an Agile process that encourages collaboration between tech and non-tech people. In this talk, I am going to discuss in detail how to implement Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) in a Flutter project. We will go through this step by step, from the “three amigo” discovering to example mappings, then turn them into user acceptance tests in Flutter, the full cycle of BDD and TDD in one session.


Teresa is a software engineer from the East side of the world. She is really passionate about mobile applications and has been working with many talented developers to craft beautiful Android apps. After joining Tide, she started to explore the world of multi-platform and the fun of code sharing.